***"JOHNNY C" invites you to visit "Passport to Encinitas LiveStream"(YOUTUBE) on August 26th 2020 the City of Encinitas Arts put on its first LiveStream show of the Arts!!! I was so pleased and excited to be a small part of this first show! It is about 1:30:00 minute show, if you would like to just see me go about 28 minutes into the show, I perform LIVE at the Encinitas Library 2 NEW ORIGINALS, 1) "Do Me Like You Did Before" & "I Am Free", the whole show is well worth watching, thanks to Naimeh & Jonathan!!!

***ALWAYS LOOKING FOR NEW UNIQUE LIVE MUSIC VENUES! *Thank you from "JOHNNY C" (singer/songwriter)!

***LEPAPAGAYO in Leucadia- ***SEPTEMBER- *STILL NO LIVE MUSIC HERE YET STAYED TUNED!"JOHNNY C"(singer/songwriter)**Live Raw Music Simply Amazing! A heartfelt thanks to ALL of the cool people who come in to see us often!!!*THANK YOU LEPAPAGAYOS!!! (www.lepapagayoleucadia.com)

***ROXY in Encinitas-***SEPTEMBER- 11th(Friday Night) 6:30PM til 9:30PM "JOHNNY C"(singer/songwriter)*I will be joined by the wonderful "Barry Brown"(lead guitar & vocals)*Live Music Is Good For The Soul!!! ***Thanks to Paula and to ALL who have come out to see us over the last 4 years, Great Urban Vibe & many live music lovers!!! (www.roxyencinitas.com)

***PRIVATE BIRTHDAY PARTY- SEPTEMBER- 12th(Saturday Evening) 5:30PM til Dark (Leucadia) for my dear friend Joan Oliver a beautiful 81 year's young!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOAN!