***LEPAPAGAYO in Leucadia- ***JANUARY-3rd(Friday Night) 7PM to 10PM "JOHNNY C"(singer/songwriter) *Joining me this evening Barry Brown(lead guitar & vocals)**2020 begins our 16th year here!A heartfelt thanks to ALL of the cool people who come in to see us often!!!*THANK YOU LEPAPAGAYOS!!! (www.lepapagayoleucadia.com)

***ROXY in Encinitas-***JANUARY-24th(Friday Night) 8:30PM to 11:30PM "JOHNNY C"(singer/songwriter)*Joining me tonight Barry Brown(lead guitar & vocals)*Start 2020 with Live Music***Thanks to Paula and to ALL who have come out to see us over the last 4 years, Great Urban Vibe & many live music lovers!!! (www.roxyencinitas.com)

***COOMBERS CRAFT WINES- in Oceanside-""***JANUARY 2nd(Thursday Evening)6PM til 8:30PM "JOHNNY C"(singer/songwriter)*I will be SOLO, acoustic sonic melodies this evening bringing it to you! ***I LOVE this venue, great vibe with outdoor stage under the stars, you gotta get up here soon!(www.coomberwines.com)

***SILVERADO / GLENNER ALZHEIMERS FACILITY in Encinitas-***JANUARY- 3rd(Friday Afternoon(3:30)JANUARY 19th & JANUARY 23rd(Thursdays at 2:30)*(One Hour Shows)*Starting my 2nd year hear,God do I LOVE ALL of the people here, amazing experience!!!*Thanks Cindy & Jennell!